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Onan 12.5 kW HDCAB Generator Water Pump

Lee Smith

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I am having the Onan generator 1,000-hour service done.
How long do you think the original water pump will last?
My coach is a 2004 Signature, and I don't know how age affects the internal parts in a water pump such as seals, etc.
The generator has only 1,250 hours but I am do not have any records as to when the generator was serviced so I am having the 1,000-hour service done as preventative maintenance.
Please share your information on replacing the water pump.
Thank you.

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Okay I am now convinced a water pump is likely not needed. My general rule on my previously owned pick-up trucks was not to even consider a water pump until after 70,000 miles and even then, I waited for a failure to do a replacement. Of course, in my Signature that would be a mistake to wait for failure but based on the information I have received here and other places, I should not be anywhere near ready for a water pump replacement at 1,250 hours. No one has told me that the age of 18 years old is an issue.

I am very thankful for the help I received on this great forum.

Please see my fuel injector post for a very similar follow-up.

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If you are in there already I would replace it on principal since it is quite a job to get to it.  Age is always an issue with anything that has a seal, they do not improve with age.  It's the same principal as changing the water pump whenever changing a timing belt on a car, you don't want to have to go back in there when you were already there.

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