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Pump turns on for a moment every 5-10 min... leak?


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8 hours ago, Burgboy said:

I've noticed when its quiet in my coach that the pump turns on for a fraction of a second every few minutes. Is this indicative of a leak somewhere?

Or, if you have an accumulator, there is a pinhole leak in 5he bladder and it is gradually getting more water logged.  Some troubleshooting ideas

purchase an aerator adapter.  You unscrew the aerator in the galley.  First make sure you get one that fits as the aerators are different..carry in your present aerator and confirm.  Next, while in the plumbing department purchase a 80 or 100 psi gage and get the adapters or transition hardware  to screw it onto the gage.  I made one up using a T fitting on top of the stopcock valve and put in a flex line under my home sink.  Once the gage is in place….open that faucet and then another one and shut it off.  Record the psi and then watch the decay.

The check valve in your pump may be a stock replacement item.  Pull the Pump PN and Google the Brand and PN and add CHECK VALVE.  The valve or stem should be on the outlet side of the pump.  When the pump runs, it overcomes the spring and the valve opens.  When at equilibrium, the water is not allowed to run back into the pump. This valve also prevents back flow from the city fill position and if it leaks when hooked up to city, your fresh tank backfills and overflows.

The other solution is to, if you have an accumulator, unscrew it and put in a plug.  The accumulator had a bladder in it and has an air charge.  If the accumulator has a leak, the  air pocket will start to fill.  They all fail, eventually.  Comment.  If you have an older or original pump, the newer RV ones are designed to be used without an accumulator.  Look at the economics of a newer style and more reliable pump and not having to replace the accumulator as well as your older style. 

The REMCO RV55 is the most popular,but Shurflo, I think has a lower priced one that some are using. There have been several Pump Topics and the Shurflo was mentioned there.

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