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Tecma toilet fuse location


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Lost power to the Thetford Tecma toilet in my 09 Dynasty.  The Tecma specs call for a 40 amp fuse, so I thought it would be easy to find.  No luck finding the fuse  I’ve got the original Monaco Owner Manual I don’t see a circuit or fuse location for the Tecma mentioned anywhere.  Help!!!  We’re living in the coach and it’s a bit of a pain to run to the RV Park restroom several times a day.

Ken Stender

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Had the same issue with mine couple years ago, we have 07 Knight and the circuit breaker was located in the battery compartment. It was behind the black cover high on the back wall of the compartment. Hope yours is similar. The nuts that hold the wire connectors were loose, tightened and been fine ever since

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Here is what’s in the manual for my 2012 Diplomat.  I’ve found that they didn’t change much of the wiring over the years.  I’m not sure what they mean by “behind the AC load center”.  If they mean the circuit breaker panel, that’s above the lft side of drivers seat.  I don’t know how you’d get behind it.  


The toilet is powered by a 40 Amp auto-reset mini-breaker located behind the AC load center



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