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Gary Magin

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For our 2009 Dynasty Yorkshire IV, the manual shows two loose wire mounted fuses that are called out to be near the solar charger box.

I cannot find them, has anyone found them somewhere else, if so where?  My control panel does not activate or show any voltages or solar activity.


Thank You in Advance  Gary Magin

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We have the Heliotrope RV45D charge controller.  I've removed it to change the settings and did not see any fuses.  I've also removed the charge wires from the panels on the roof and there were no fuses there either.

I'm guessing they are somewhere back near the batteries.  

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I had trouble with mine after a short trip in Sept.  It was working fine and then it didn't show anything.  Mine is the RV30 model

I pulled the solar controller & display out.  Just pulling it out and trying to get the 8 awg wires out the terminal block that was pin soldered to the board broke loose.  I resoldered it back on.  It took me several tries, I had a higher wattage soldering gun but it just wouldn't do it.  Finally bought a butane type and that did the trick.  I had to drill out the holes to get the board to accept the pins but the new butane soldering tool made quick work of it. 

Put it back in and it worked. 

No not sure if I had a loose connection on the terminal block, a loose/failing pin solder  who knows.  I really couldn't see anything on the circuit board itself. 

So if you pull the display out be careful.

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