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Newsletter Back Up & In Testing for a few days

Scotty Hutto

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The Newsletter is back up and running.  To use amotorhome analogy, I had to replace the engine, transmission, and do some serious rewiring over the holidays.  For about a week, we'll be in "test mode" and you may get an extra newsletter or two each day.  That's me working on the site and fine tuning things. If all goes well, after about a week we'll put in on autopilot.

We are now using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to distribute the Newsletter.  It will come with added cost, and a lot of work on my part to fine tune it, but it seems to be working very well so far.  Many of you should have gotten a Newsletter this evening for the first time in a long time!  The beauty is that now if someone gets locked out, I can fix it without having to go to Invision, hat in hand.

Now, the bad news...  We will get immediate feedback on bad email addresses, full mailboxes, and worst of all, spam reports.

I'm going to channel Bill D here and lay down the law:

- IF you report any email from this site as spam, you get shown grace once.  After that, you will be removed and banned. If you don't want emails and can't figure out how to turn them off, reach out to me or Frank.  We'll walk you through it. Don't report us as spam.

-If your email address is not valid, and you don't have a phone number for us to contact you... guess what?  All emails from the site will be turned off. You are welcome to sign back up with a different email address, etc.  If you have a valid phone number, we'll reach out for a good email address and update the account.

- If your mailbox is full, all emails from the site will be turned off.  Send an email to moderator@monacoers.org when you've cleaned up your mailbox and we'll turn them back on.

I have personally spent hundreds of hours over the last year (and hundreds of dollars) dealing with email problems -- all because a handful of people reported emails from the site as spam.

If you don't want to get emails from the site, they are easy to turn off.  No issue there.  If you don't know how, just reach out to Frank or I and we'll walk you through it.

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Thank you so much.  At age 84 and in my '01 Dip 46 nights in '22 I was fortunate to know and have good times with Bill Duckwitz. He is likely smiling at you for continuing this site.  The knowedge base is invaluable.  We now have 140,000 miles on our coach.  Thank you.

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