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Monaco Cayman (Roadmaster) Alternator replace


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does anyone have a replacement for the Neece Leville alterator for our bus??

110-923 is the part for that...

It has been discontinued and so far no replacement has been picked up by manufacturer...

Let me know if anyone has been through this...

2005 Monaco Cayman 36PDQ - Cummins 300

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The L-N/Prestolite website shows a replacement, but it can NOT be use with a battery isolator.  I have no wiring diagrams or experience working on a Cayman, so I can't advise the suitability. 

I read on iRV2 that this was a special order alternator by Monaco, and when Monaco when bankrupt, L-N/Prestolite discontinued the product.  It has reverse polarity for the terminals.

Recommend having it rebuilt, if possible.

  -Rick N.

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I replaced my 160 amp Leece Neville 2824LC with a 200 amp Delco Remy 28SI. The install was fairly simple (I have a side radiator) except on the DR you don't connect the excite wire since it is self exciting. I purchased mine with a extra pully wheel at:


I found them very helpful.  I would give them a call and ask for replacement recommendations

I had my old LN rebuilt and carry it as a spare.

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