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Air Governor Unloaded Hose PN

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Does any have the part number handy for the braided steel hose running from the air governor to the compressor, I think it's referred to as the unloader hose. Working on a 2007 Cummins IISX. Found several listed but can't tell from the description if they are correct and don't want to buy the wrong one. Thx


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Cummins couldn't find it in their parts break downs. It's a 24" dash 4 hose, with a -4 JIC Swivel on the compressor end and a -2 Male NPT on the Governor end. Going to take 3-5 days to get the -2 fitting in to make a new hose.

Worst part is that hose assembly was leaking at both factory crimps and the hose itself is rated over 4 digits. It only handles 125-130 psi.

It's the hose from the Governor to the Compressor and unloads the compressor until needed.

If you ever have an air leak that only shows up when the engine is running, check this hose assembly. I pressurized the system with a shop compressor, key on in travel mode and park brake off. No leak, started the engine and you could see both front/rear dropping. The Governor senses pressure off the wet side of the front tank. As best I can tell there is no check valve between the wet side and rear tank. Only check valve is between dry tanks. Correct me if I'm wrong on that one.

Does anyone have the correct air system prints for a 2007 Executive with the Valid Leveling system AND includes the Aux air compressor? Ones I have are 2006 and earlier and none show the small 12vdc aux compressor. Thx

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You should have one of these between the wet tank and rear tank.  It allows air to flow from the wet tank to the rear tank.  When the governor cuts off the compressor, the valve allows approx 10 PSI to flow back to the dryer (purge).  Then it seals and prevents air from going  from the rear tank to the wet tank. 


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After a second call to Cummins I found out the Air Governor, Dip Stick and umloader hose were not shipped on the engine to Monaco. So it's a Monaco part, explains why the crimps were leaking. That's the 7th & 8th hose crimp to leak on various system hoses. I've worked with 1000's of hose and have never seen so many bad crimps. Still waiting for the replacement to test for leaks and confirm this was the source of all my frustration.

Forgot, has anyone got the schematics for this air system that includes the 12vdc aux compressor? 2007 and later with the Valid System. Thx

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