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Microflush LF-219 air operated toilet for parts - Free

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Howdy all,

I removed a Microflush LF-219 toilet from a Wanderlodge WB I'll be listing for sale soon, and it's available free for parts.

The control valve is the part which wasn't operating, and the valve body cracked while I was attempting to repair it and they're over $600 to buy new.  So I replaced it with a Sanimarin SN4 macerating toilet which was only a few hundred extra bucks and should be much more reliable for the next owner.

The toilet and a bag of miscellaneous parts including about 3 previously broken and subsequently replaced valve bodies representing about $2k in repairs in the past by the previous owner.

We're about 20 minutes south of the ATL airport, and it's for pickup only as I don't want to deal with the hassle of shipping it.

Let me know if anyone would like it, or it's going to the dump next week.  Figured I'd put it out there on here first for someone who might need some parts.





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If you end up trashing it and still have the timer part available, could you save it? I would like to have the timer and maybe the motor part? My daughter lives in McDonough, sounds close enough to send her to pick it up and ship to TX. Just in case there are no takers for the whole thing. Mine isnt air operated but some parts might be the same. Thanks.

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I think you mean the valve body assembly which is a pressurized air timer/logic control part, there's no separate timer or electric motor.  You're welcome to any or all of it.

Since there's been immediate interest, I'll keep all the parts on hand including the complete toilet with air valves for a month or so to give your daughter or anyone else who might want them time to come down and retrieve them.  We're available pretty much any time this week.  Give me a call or text at 678-577-3719 to arrange a day and time.

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Gotcha Ivan.

And Richard hit the nail on the head.  I have no idea who thought this over-engineered, twitchy piece of air-over-electric-powered garbage was a good idea to foist upon the unsuspecting RV community, but here we are.

I did the next owner of the Wanderlodge a huge favor by making the decision to pull the trigger and do the upgrade.  She flushes like a champ now.

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