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Towed turn signals


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It appears that the isolator for the turn signals for the toad has gone bad.  No output to the left turn signal.  Flashing power in but no output.  Right turn and tail lights are working.  Any suggestions as to the best replacement?  6 wires in - 3 wires out.  


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WHOA? 6 wires in.  What is the brand and model number of the “isolator”.  Not exactly sure that is the correct name.  There is a 4 wire to 5 wire converter that many use.  Four wires…Ground, LT (also your your BRAKE), RT (ditto BRAKE) and park…. MAYBE a POWER….

The device has 5 OUT. Ground, BRAKE, LT, RT & Park/clearance.  No NEED for a Power out.  Some of the converters have a device that holds ON a solid (brake) signal.  Then when it FLASHES….that goes to the Amber Turn Signals of a European system or Japanese.

Don’t understand only 3.

NOW….you can’t use a 4 wire system (Monaco MH) on a Car with Amber SEPARATE turn signals and a DIFFERENT Brake light.  Gotta have the converter.

Next.  The DIODES have NADA to do with the converter.  They protect your vehicles wiring…and the fancy system that MAY tell you a rear light is out,  if you back-feed…as in hook up power directly to yiur taikights….been know to damage a very expensive system in cars.

Do some googling snd read up and understand this….as well as what you have….you need a 4 to 5 converter and diodes.  NOW…if you have a fancy box that also has a battery charging circuit….maybe 5 IN…

What you describe is not what most have.  But without a brand, PN and a schematic….we can’t do much more.


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Thanks for heading me in the right direction.  What I have is an unbranded, powered tail light converter. Imputs are LT, RT, Brake, Marker, Ground, and 12v.  Outputs are LT, RT, and Marker.  Grounding is provided by an external wire.  I am looking at the Curt 56187 as the replacement.


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I have Tekonsha brand converter in both our toads, non powered and working fine. I opted to install them in the toads to have an option should we ever tow something with the euro standard. Our coach has separate orange turnlights.

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