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Onan 10k need parts


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Generator died on my trip to OKC. Giving me a 27 code. Took it to Cummings OKC. They said needs a new stater and rotor. Told them to go ahead and fix it. They said they could not get the parts and that they were 6 months out On the parts I need!!!

 I can't find the parts online , wondering if anyone else had any ideas? Roter 201-3506-s3 stator 220-4647-03. Onan 10k spec c.

Found a place in California that will rebuild them. But I can't get my old one to them and back in time for my trip home.

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If you are talking about rewinding the rotor by Eurton Electric, they did my stator and it took exactly 2 weeks including shipping from and to TX. I had a special order with Cummins for it and after 6 months they still could not give me an ETA. Eurton has done an excellent job for me and for way less.

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Do you know how they came to the conclusion that you need a new stator AND rotor? 

Did a bearing let go and short it or perhaps debris caused damage? 

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I had the same problem with my 10K generator a year ago. Same answer from 















I had the same issue with my 10K generator a year ago. Cummins told me the same thing so seeing we were going south to Arizona for the winter I searched and found a place in Mesa that only does generators, Mesa Precision. They pulled my generator out, sent the rotor and stator to Eurton, rewound both and put it back together. We left the generator with Mesa Precision and carried on with our winter vacation. It was about 6 weeks before it was ready so when we returned to Mesa was about 2 months but reinstalled and all was well. 2 weeks is what Eurton says but with shipping to and from was abut 4 weeks. I think they are only rewinds so would probably need a repair shop to remove and take apart. Mesa Precision was great to work with and I would highly recommend them. Only thing I would recommend if you go the rewind route make sure you have the power wiring checked where it goes into the junction block as I also ended up having that replaced later when I only had power on one leg and ATS wouldn't pass thru to coach. By the way my generator only had 309 hrs on it and the rotor and stator were badly burnt so doesn't seem to matter how much the get used, things go wrong. Good luck Don










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