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Outside light cover

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I wanted to replace mine with an LED light, and Amazon had an LED version identical to the original.  It came with both amber and clear.  Amber is supposed to not attract insects.  Insects cannot see that color light and thus aren't attracted to it.

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At the Quartzsite RV show, I found a vendor that had an LED Motion light replacement. He had a Monaco and so had a base for his light that made it very nice and easy to install.

Motion- Guard. The extra baseplate made it easy to install- nice and bright!

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39 minutes ago, Geffery said:

Hello do you have any contact info on that vendor?

Google is your friend…..a Cell Phone Is considered to be the most essential tool that you take with you.  Google is number 2.  RV MOTION-GUARD in the search box gives you this.


The real discussion is whether you need the motion detection features.  Some use as a security device.  Others like the convenience.  Others that boondock or dry camp a lot feel it is a needless parasitic drain.  If you leave the “porch light” switch on 24X7….like you would for a residential motion light, the circuit is always on, presumably not in the daytime, due to the photocell, but always on at night….a load draw when on full battery.

you can google MONACO MOTOR HOME PORCH LIGHT and get a plethora of hits.  Monaco was inconsistent….cheapest vendor.  Some out of business.  Some were snap in covers or lenses….but others were sealed or caulked at the top to prevent moisture infiltration which results in corrosion of the bulb base.

there are also many LED versions on brackets where you can tilt (use your awning pick) up or down.  I added a high intensity LED and love it and call it my “grilling light”.

wide open.  Just measure the socket base….make sure the new one will cover.  Install it and use ProFlex RV caulk, not a cheap residential silicone or caulk.


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If you choose to stay simple, I have a base and amber lens (cover) that I will part with for $15 plus the cost of  USPS shipping.  I bought the motion version from RV Lites, so this one is just in my spares tub.  It even has an LED bulb for extra brightness. 

Steve P


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On 11/7/2023 at 8:33 PM, Martinvz said:

You can measure the amps or, with the 120v power off and disconnected, measure the resistance. The element has, as I recall, 15w resistance. 
See the attached post on this topic. You can also Google it.



On 10/17/2023 at 11:42 AM, Geffery said:

Did you use a part number to find 

I think this is the one I bought. Spray painted to white body with Rustoleum pait that was almost a dead match fro the RV prior to install. From the ground it looks like OEM.


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