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Bedroom Slide motor gear worn out

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On 12/3/2023 at 3:02 PM, Dave Shackelford said:

Hi Guys, I  have a 2005 Monaco Camelot 40 PDQ and the bedroom (Passenger Side) slide plastic motor gear is worn out. Missing teeth. Where can I find a new one ? (Plactic Gear) See Pics

Dave - I had the exact same problem.  I replaced it with this metal gear and has been working flawlessly for the past year.  Put some lube back in the case when your replace it.


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Just today also replaced the 18:1 gear in a 2008 Beaver Contessa.  The new ALL METAL GEAR was also purchased from Amazon.  Lippert P/N 117292 bedroom ABOVE FLOOR SLIDE.  NOTE:  If the slide is "IN" it is necessary to cut a access hole in the bottom of the slide floor!  ALSO NOTE that if the motor should fail there is NO Way to get a drill with 5/8" socket on the gear box to move the slide IN or OUT without a 36" long extension.  Poor design to say the least!  

Just information that might be helpful.








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There are a couple of different manufacturers of these slideout motors that Monaco used (and these three were all used during different production runs of a 2006 Diplomat!):

Venture (M8910-1.2 or M9600)
Klauber (K01285L150)

While the metal gear on Amazon will fit many, the other failure point is the metal clutch gear. If your failure point is the clutch gear, the metal gear will only make it worse.  I suspect that the nylon gear was a “sacrificial” part designed to fail to save other parts, as Paul mentions above.  Mine lasted 18 years, so I’m thinking if I can get another 18 years out of another nylon one, I’m good  

IMG_7238.thumb.jpeg.cf5036e96fb52bc4ee78a7f1a0c4d670.jpeg  IMG_7236.thumb.jpeg.a753b367644913de4697623263ee422f.jpeg

If you want to replace the nylon gear AND the clutch gear for the Venture M8910-1.2 version, you can find them as a set here for about $108.


The other point of failure for the above floor (bedroom) slideout is the “gear pack” (aka the 20 or 21 tooth gear that drives the rack in/out). Fortunately I haven’t had to do that. Yet.  Maybe Chris @throgmartin Can shed some light, but again, it appears Monaco used multiple variations - even on the same year/model Coach.  

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