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2007 Monaco Signature. Need service recommendations in Houston metro

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Hey folks....

Here I am again looking for mobile techs in the Houston area.

Air system needs a hard look, mechanically and electrically. 

I need to move the Coach to another location in the next +/- 60 days.

Not an emergency, all other systems are go, but I cannot drive it.

Working with Valid to get a new solenoid for the rear leveling control, so I can have that on hand.

I've tried all the websites I can find, and am failing. 

Please help

Thanks: Andy

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Valid does not manufacture air solenoids.  They are common parts on heavy trucks using air ride suspension.  If you can temporarily remove the solenoid you can take it to a heavy truck parts store and they should be able to match it up.  

Additionally, most of these air solenoids are rebuildable.  They usually have three o-rings inside.  You disassemble it, clean it, and replace the o-rings and they are good for another 10-15 years. 

Best of luck! 

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I believe there has been topics and how to on o ring replacement and cleaning of solenoids on here. Just look it up. Great info. Had problem with my air system and between guys on here and valid I got it resolved

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