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Replacing the slide rollers on 99 Diplomat

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I knew I needed new rollers on my slide so I've been reading all the posts I could find on the subject.. With so many different configurations on different models, I just kept putting it off. A slight (OK, a large) miscalculation on my part necessitated an urgent repair of the slide and the rollers. Other posters talked about a roller on the front, inside the wheel well, through an access panel of some sort. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the fender was hinged. I have never seen any discussion about this awesome feature on the RV. Six screws hold the bottom to the coach body. Remove them, the fender swings up out of the way.

BTW, all four fenders are hinged and swing up out of the way to access things like air bags and shocks. Who knew?

That front roller was the hardest to replace, I can't imagine trying to change it while laying on my back underneath the coach. As you can see from the pic, one bracket had pulled loose and was hanging by one solid screw. Removed the roller and reattached the bracket and installed the new roller. Not an easy job for a 70 year old man, but nobody told me RV life was easy, they just said it was interesting. 🙂

Went inside the RV to remove the roller under the stove next. Removed the bottom two drawers, and the bottom drawer runner, to give myself some working room. R&R'd that roller, no issues.

On to the roller under the sink. Again, pretty straight forward, move pots and pans, remove black plastic cover, R&R roller.

The main issue I have with this repair, the rollers are on the floor. Someone put the dang floor way down low, and us old timers sometimes have a hard time getting down there, much less back up again.

On the bright side, my slide now sits squarely in the hole in the wall and the gaskets are tight against the wall. Haven't tested it yet today, it's raining all day. Tomorrow I expect it to be smooth and quiet. BTW, rollers came from RV Elite Parts out of Grand Rapids MI.





WheelWell Mounts.JPG





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So that is not a standard item on all Monaco's? Hmmm, might explain why I never saw any posts about it. I even mentioned it to an Allison mech who serviced my tranny and installed 8 new airbags. He said " naw, I'll lay on my back underneath and do it the hard way". I should have insisted, might have saved me several hours labor.

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I guess my rollers have been replaced because mine are the white ones. I have cleaned mine and I vacuum the floor before running the slides in. Thank you for the post. I will have to look and see if my fenders are hinged. It's blowing 40 plus today in Quartzsite so not today. 

I checked and my fenders are not hinged.


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