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Dash A/C & Heat fan only works on high

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There is a “resistor” module that controls the speeds.  When you lose the low speeds, it is usually bad.  You have a “Ford” system.  Find the module and pull it out.  You can go to NAPA and they can look at it and match it up. It is a common unit….nothing exotic….

When the lower speed resistor go bad, then you have no resistance and the fan runs on high….  Usual fix….if not, in the control..but you ALWAYS put in a new resistor pack or module.  Plug and play….no splicing or wiring….plug in.

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Thank you Tom, but I have a GM system but I'm guessing it will be the same? Does anyone know where the resistor or module is located?  

2 minutes ago, Rocketman3 said:

This is your fan resister pack it has has failed.

on my 2000 Dynasty I opened the generator compartment, then on the left side of the generator twisted my arm up and it was there.  

good Luck

Left side? Passenger side? How far up should I be looking?

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There should be a couple screws holding the resistor pack in, should just come right out after removing the screws.  Any auto parts store should have one.  I know the parts lists have them listed. 

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