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08 Jeep Liberty auto trans 4 x 4 Negative Cable


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Because they are afraid you will inadvertently put power to a “positive” wire and cause issues….

OR…all the electronics on the vehicle need to be shut off so the tranny is in FLAT tow.

call Jeep (hot line), they will answer or ask a dealer.  Some of the 2015 GNC/Chevy trucks had specific instructions.  OPPS…goofed.  Then, they revised with a MAIN NEGATVE SWITCH.  You can find one for cars….beats unbolting the connectors each time….Amazon and auto parts store sell them….

Ask the jeep service writer….he should know and confirm. 

Some vehicles had you pull a specific fuse….depends on the design if the system…

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Which manual are you taking about, the Redi-Brake or the Jeep.

I looked at the Jeep manual starting on page 378 it has the instructions for recreational towing, which look similar to what I have to do for my 2005 Jeep GC.  There is no mention of removing the negative battery cable.

I use a Roadmaster 9000 supplemental brake where an air cylinder depresses the brake pedal as I apply brakes on my coach.  When I do this the brake lights come on.  So when I set up my Jeep I decided to use the separate bulbs in the tail lights for turn signals, flashers, and running lights.  Bought a kit on line and ran the wiring front to back to install the bulbs.  Works Great

BUT if I drive the coach for 3 days without starting the Jeep to charge the battery it will drain it because of the brake lights coming on and off.  So I've learned to just start the Jeep and let it run for 15-20 minutes every other day.  Never had another problem.

So if you are going to use some sort of light kit that bypasses the Jeep's brake lights I'd remove the negative cable or start and let the Jeep run every other day to keep the battery charged.  



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Hi thanks step 15 in my manual says to disconnect neg cable  This is what I can't figure out  Calling 3 dealer service shops was of no help

The only thing I can think of as the transfer case switch is electric  Maybe there concerned it might become engaged 

Been towing a Sonic for years start it am n pm no problems 

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Well, if it's in the manual I'd disconnect and wouldn't take any chances.

I only have 10 steps, I have the Quadra–Drive II 4WD Model transmission.  I press a small button to get it into and out of neutral.  EASY. 


FWIW, after we bought the Jeep and started to tow we had a recall, Jeep had reflash the PCM to prevent it from going out of neutral, so being a practical person I took it in ASAP.  After that about 1/2 the time we couldn't get it to go into neutral, found a work around on line which involved pulling a fuse.  But every once in a while that didn't fix it.  One time we had to drive it back from FL following the coach.  My wife also got stranded up in NY and had to take it into a dealer to have it reflashed but that didn't completely fix.   Contacted Jeep customer service  and they said they had no reports of this happening even though there were hundreds posted on IRV2.  They finally redid the flash so you could put it into neutral.  Not impressed with Jeep at that point.


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When I had my 08 Liberty, I read the manual for flat towing. Jeep wanted the key left in the unlocked position so the steering wheel would turn while towing it.
But, my steering wheel didn’t seem to lock when in my driveway, key out and me struggling to turn the wheel 180° back and forth.

Hmmm, went to loose gravel lot, took key out and turned the steering wheel lock to lock. There is no steering wheel locking pawl on the automatic transmission equipped 08 Liberty’s. What’s with that?!

I found out that the manual transmission equipped Liberty’s did have a steering wheel lock. They wrote the manual as one fits all.

My traveling buddy also had an 08 Liberty automatic and neither of us ever disconnect the battery cable. We just removed the key, locked the car, and towed it.

You can try the above test to verify there is no steering wheel lock, and if you feel comfortable with this procedure, you can tow as my buddy and I did for years.  If you’re not comfortable, go with a battery disconnect kit. 

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