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Direct Replacement for Trace Legend 1500?

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21 minutes ago, jacwjames said:

I think your current inverter has two outputs going to you main panels.

The Freedom only has one output based on the spec sheet I looked at.

What would be the harm in tying the 2 panels together?

Mmmm... I'm a bit confused.  Check out page 25 at https://xantrex.com/library/inverter-chargers/freedom-458-inverter-charger/owners-guide/



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We have a Xantrex 458 in our 2003 Endeavor.  It should be directly compatible with your Legend as our coaches are sister ships.  You may need to run different wires for the remote panel. 

My biggest gripe is every time I plug in to shore or generator it "pretends" the batteries are weak and force charges them for 30 - 60 minutes.  Even if they're fully charged they get super-charged (no such thing).  If you plug in for a week at a time or so that should be fine. 

- bob

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According to the inverter guru at Visone, this is a direct replacement except for the control panel but both units use the same control cable. As far as 2 outputs, he said to just wire the existing 2 circuits to the Xantrex as it is wired to handle the load.

So I bought it because the price was right and the increase in wattage gives me enough power to run the microwave which was just on the edge with the Legend.

As luck would have it, my Legend is working again - loose connection. So now I have a spare.

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