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Ride height leveler

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Last week I ordered a ride height leveling valve and the linkage rod for my 06 HR Scepter.  The BIG thing to know is that when you remove the valve you will let all the air out of the air bag system, which means the "House" will be coming down (possibly on you).  The things I've been seeing is to use wood blocks in between the frame and the house chassis to hold the house up when you let the air out of the system.  I hope my parts arrive this week so I can put them in this coming weekend, if it does I can post an update on how it went and if I find any "helpful hints".

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I have replaced one of my valves recently. You will need to have empty air tanks and airbags. I use blocks between the h-frame and main rails but ramps or appropriate jack stands would do the same. Basically you need to be able to get safely under the coach with no air in the system. With air leveling, there could be a nuance in doing it but no air is still the safest option. Try to mirror the arm angle of the old valve so that you need less or no final hight adjustment after the replacement because that would have to be done when aired up again.

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