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2005 Monaco Windsor step well cover not closing

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Not sure if yours is air or electric but on our 03 Endeavor and many other models in this coach class we need air pressure to move the step well cover.

- bob

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2005 Monaco Windsor step well cover not closing
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Odds are, from your post, without pulling the prints…..but doing a search here, you have an AIR OPERATED step well cover.  There is a solenoid located near the middle or front cover. Not exactly sure….but keep reading Go to this topic


Read DaveyJo’s   @daveyjo first post…..same issue as you.  Then scroll down and read the two posts in the screen shot.  PROBABLY a defective solenoid.  The second post by Jim @jacwjames after it has a PDF on the valve.  Click on it. That is the valve you are looking for.  DaveyJo got it working.  You might pull it off….use a 12 VDC source and cycle it a few times.  

NOW, the earlier Windsor’s were notorious for hydraulic valves issues.  YES….this is air. But Monaco LOVED Teflon tape….if over the years an upstream chard worked its way down….bingo.  Probably clean the valve.  You can use a tiny shot of WD-40 (not the Silicone formula) or a smidge of a good contact cleaner to exercise the valve and get any debris out.  Use your front air chuck with a hose and a “hand nozzle” and blow it out when open as well as close.  Then, reinstall.  

The click indicates the coil is getting voltage….so, don’t go hunting for a wiring issue….mechanical in either a defective or clogged solenoid.

You can always PM Jim or Dave and they can help you locate the solenoid.

Good Luck….NOW…a Favor.  Shoot a picture of where the solenoid is….and post it.  Will help the next member.

Keep us posted.



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