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Firefly system - 2014 Dynasty

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Does anyone know where the firefly computer is in a 2014  44pdq? Can’t find this bad and I have I digital issue with one of the switch cables. Probably a connector corrosion issue. Thank you. 

I  am frustrated with the level of support from Monaco's newest owner so I am posting my question so that the audience can weigh-in.

I own a 2014 Monaco Dynasty 44 PDQ. The lighting and other systems are comprised of a multiplexer (MUX) system from Firefly Integrations in Middlebury, IN. 

Does anybody have experience with this system? In particular, I need the MUX switch that is in the passenger side front slide out. It was missing when I bought the rig and I "assumed" it was an easy sourcing and replacement....wrong! 

Emailed and called Monaco, no help. Emailed and left voice message with Firefly, no response.

I need the following if anybody can help

1) The DIP switch settings on the back of the switch. A Picture of the front and back would be terrific.

2) The location of the micro-programmable computer. I have looked in the left front basement door where the main fuse block assembly is, but nothing with the name "FIREFLY" or monogram on it. 

3) Does anybody know where the parts can be sourced from. Have tried all of the major salvage yards and no luck. 

4) Is there any location that is familiar with this system where I could take it to so we can get it corrected?

Tom Treharne


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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Firefly system - 2014 Dynasty

OK….as a matter of information….and so folks will be able to help out, as well as provide @HHITom or Tom with some worthwhile information. This is based on the gist of information posted here and also the sales brochure and owners manual…plus conversations with former Monaco employees.

  • Tom, Your 2014, was the last year of the ORIGINAL Monaco Roadmaster chassis.  REV KILLED, as in, destroyed all the tooling and favrication equipment in 2015. This was, most likely, a significant “tax write off”….been there…done this many times when a plant was closed or a “product line” written off or discontinued.  This is based on the 2014 Sales Brochure (Roadmaster Chassis). No 2015 Dynasty. 2016 Dynasty has NEW (Trademark) Roadmaster chassis.
  • Rev considers all of the older, or original Monaco’s to be “LEGACY”.  That is their term and they have all the prints…except, they can’t always find (electronically) or some of the files were never uploaded into their CURRENT REV Data Base. SO…you are like the majority of us…Orphans.  You DO know a little about your parents…but they abandoned you…. LOL…cruel fact. You have fhe Maxforce engine.  Most of us here have the original Monaco Cummins and CAT. I do NOT know the level of tech support from Navistar on those engines.  Another fact.  Navistar blew it.  They paid the EPA a hefty fine for every engine produced….some public and also annual report footnotes peg that at $3K - $10K….
  • Navistar/REV or whomever, switched from the original Intellitec MPX (lighting controls) to the Firefly.  As suggested, we have some members that understand and know the difference.  @Frank McElroy is one.
  • Looking at the owner’s manual, it reminds me of my (2009 Camelot). The 2005/6 Dynasty had maybe 20 - 25 custom boards (total front and rear.  There are NONE in the diagrams in our manual.  Along those lines, you have a very similar “main fused” buss panel…with the Bussmann Ignition ALN fuses.  Buy an extra of each side and get the OEM Bussmann….along with an Inverter Fuse.  MY OPINION.  Somewhere, SOMEONE switched away from Intellitec.  Your BIRD system is identical to mine.
  •  So, you have sort of a mixed breed.  The body of a Dynasty. The overall “chassis” Camelot system. A NEW interior lights and control, FIREFLY…that replaced the 2005/6 Intellitec. The Maxforce rather than a Cummins….but the rest….pretty much the same….
  • BUT…perhaps the MOST (OK…you need some.), it appears…that you do NOT have the Monaco-Kongsberg Chassis Control Modules (CCM).  Explore and you’ll find out why.
  • https://www.fireflyint.com/firefly  I know Frank has done a little research.  Suggest you PM him….he’s good at answers…FINALLY…have you called one of the Monaco Service/Warranty centers.  Get past the BS.  Get hold of a shop manager or a knowledgeable Service Writer.  ASK THEM….
  • OK….now, the REST of the “stuff”, APPEARS….but with Monaco and Navistar….no one can be sure, IS SAME or SIMILAR to the later model Dynasty…

That’s it….this should give you a background,  it will also be a wealth of information to the OTHER and more traditional (older) Dynasty owners.  They will know, without a bunch of digging and research, what is alike or similar or the same.  Good luck and welcome to the group….


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I’m not positive, but I think @David Pratt has a Firefly (or is it Silverleaf?) system in his coach?  If so, he may be able to help…. I have a friend that had a 2021 Holiday Rambler with the firefly system, but he sold it a few months back; I reached out but he doesn’t have any info. 

REV still uses the Firefly system in their upper end coaches; it’s disappointing they haven’t been more help. 

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