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  1. The left part is from end of carefree pull rod for unlocking omega slide topper arms to extend for window awnings.
  2. I had problem with front dropping over night when leveled with air leveling system. Both rear front airbags had several little wires from steel belted tires imbedded in them and caused a very slow leak. What made it hard to find the wires were imbedded on the back side of the airbag which was hard to get to where you can see it. Once we found it you could feel the wires by running your hand over the back side, carefully as they are sharp.
  3. I used a wireless HDMI to feed HD to bedroom tv, works great. Also has RI blaster cables so you can control sat receiver with remote from bedroom. With some models you can also purchase a extra receiver to feed outside tv. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071VCK1FG?pf_rd_r=1CBQH7TGV9DWEW11WHSG&pf_rd_p=edaba0ee-c2fe-4124-9f5d-b31d6b1bfbee&th=1
  4. Thanks, Good to know. I will also unhook the purple wire and tape it up. I feel kinda dumb I should have looked closer at the schematic and followed wires that clearly showed I was on the wrong relay, which I did after reading Ivan's post. Thanks again, Jerry
  5. Success!!! I was on the wrong relay, I don't know how I got it in my head the Isolator was the one I thought I heard the clicking coming from. anyway easy fix just put all three cables on the one post. Thanks to everyone for the help. Jerry
  6. I think you are right, I jumped the isolator and that is the one I replaced so I was on the wrong relay...…. So all I should need to do is remove the cutoff relay. I am going out to check it out and will post what I find. Thanks
  7. I didn't get anymore checking done as planned yesterday afternoon as I live in Reno NV and it was 98 degrees, just to darn hot and no plans to use it for about 3 weeks. I did change out the salesman solenoid with a new one I had purchased several years ago before reading about bypassing it. At that time with the new one in hand I tapped it and it came unstuck and has worked ever sense. It still might have been ok as I jumpered across the two main terminals and had no improvement. I know I need to do more checking as there is also a battery cutoff relay and breakers I need to check to get powe
  8. OK, that makes sense. Like I said I need to do more checking in rear compartment, just waiting for it to cool off later in day. Temps 92 an climbing, to hot for a old fat guy!
  9. I checked inside at the switch on passenger side and had no power to switch. I am going to check rear compartment next. I checked all fuses this morning and all checked out good. When I jumpered the isolator relay yesterday by shorting the two main cable connections together I still had no lights.
  10. I checked all fuses this morning and all checked ok, both in bedroom and panel on driver side. I also checked at salesman switch and have no power in purple wire or I guess could be no ground. Is there any other fuses in line or somewhere I haven't found? I have wiring diagrams so I think I need to do more checking in the rear compartment with relays etc. there is also a battery isolator lockout and a isolator relay delay. Seems like a lot of hardware for a system that is not even needed. I am not pugged into 50 amp, I am plugged into a 20 amp source so we can run the refrigerator on AC a
  11. I will check more fuses tomorrow morning. They are in cabinet in bedroom and it was 94 degrees out side so I gave up after a few minutes. With no ac it was pretty warm inside. Thanks, Jerry
  12. 2000 Winsor no 12 volt lights, thermostat and bedroom slide out. The front seats and step lights work . No power to salesman's switch as it won't click so jumpered it and still no lights. I also replaced it as I had a new one I had bought several years ago. Everything worked two weeks ago when we last used it. Refrigerator is working and we have it plugged in to a 20 amp service. I also tried running generator and nothing changed. Any Ideas? Thanks Jerry
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. My Winsor also had a sat antenna when we bought it, My friend wants mount one on his roof, The wires (power and coax) should already be there, from what I have read someplace, we are just looking for info on where to drill to find them. .
  14. Asking for a friend. How to find coax wire for sat antenna on the roof of 2005 Diplomat that has never had a sat antenna. I have read somewhere they all have it, just have to drill hole and fish it out. .
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