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    I first joined Monacores on January 8th 2015, That was before  the group name changed to Bill Ds Monacores....


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  1. I have a 2004 Camelot PST,. I had a PEX fitting break where the shower wand hose comes out into the shower area. The point where it broke was at the nylon thread fitting, the reason it broke was because Monaco dressed the PEX line with a p-trap at the bottom. This created a water pocket that could not drain out from the shower hose. Had a freeze one night when not at home and it froze that trap causing the fitting to break. After a great deal of looking at the problem I concluded the only fix was to remove the shower and repair from behind it. That meant removing vanity cabinet and the shower
  2. I converted to induction about a year ago works great. Had a local cabinet shop patch in the counter top. We can even remove the cooktop to use it out side.
  3. I have been doing this job now for a couple of weeks. Not because it is hard but because I am not in any rush and work only when it is hot enough to heat up the front of the Camelot. What I found that works real good and does not hurt the paint is of all things "GOO GONE". First I peal off the film with a plastic razor blade. Then spray GOO GONE over the glue from the film. Let it sit for a few minutes then scrap off the gooey stuff. Finally I spray it again the GOO GONE and wipe the paint with a Microfiber towel. It is not hard work just time consuming.
  4. This may be two short https://www.amazon.com/PerfecTech-Auomotive-Mount-Third-Brake/dp/B019TRZR0W/ref=sr_1_43?crid=1ST7YVFKG54CO&dchild=1&keywords=brake+light&qid=1602152325&sprefix=brake+light%2Celectronics%2C225&sr=8-43
  5. Dennis, may I ask the name of the Sacramento repair shop that did this poor work for you. I ask because I also had an experience in Sacramento. Was wondering if it was the same shop. (A well know shop that has an office/sales/repair shop in Grass Valley CA.) Dave Elsner Reno NV
  6. Scotty, I removed the heater that was under the old not so cold when I installed the new counter depth frig. It was really quite easy. The heater came out through the outside panel heater door. The duct work had to be capped off when I removed the false floor that held the Not-so-cold. I just installed small covers over the duct ports in the floor. On the outside I removed panel door for the heater and reinstalled it as it was on the outside. I plugged the feed LPG line and pressure tested the cap for leaks before locating in under the floor. I used the 120 electric supplied to the Not-so-co
  7. I did this replacement about 2 years ago. Biggest problem I had was getting power to the area. What I did was to run a new cable behind the cabinets, under the shower and bath sink into the back bedroom under the cabinets there then into the cabinet where the washer/dryer would have been. I then plugged into the outlet prewired for the W/D. Was a lot of work but worth it! We love Induction. as we also have it in our home. The counter was fixed by adding new pieces of the same type material. then I had a cabinet shop glue it all together.
  8. FYI all (if you don't already know) Blue OX True Center steering device has been discontinued! They are still selling until stock is gone only the bracket assemblies. I had to call them this afternoon as I could not find anything on their web pages about the true center,steering. I was told that they have discontinued products that are not for towing! Their phone number is "1-800-228-9289" if you care to verify this information.
  9. Found the problem! The Salesman switch relay was bad. It had failed in the open position. I had ordered a replacement, but when I saw the pictures and post by Gary Mathis on this forum (thank you Gary). I removed the bad relay. I will return the replacement relay to Amazon . That saves $77.47 and any future problems with that "F"ing switch!
  10. Does the 2004 Camelot (40) PST use the Big Boy battery cut off relay. I have found the KIB LR8906 latching relay. Which at this point is NOT passing power thru. Both of the small terminals have 12+ volts on them as wired now. The problem started when I moved the motor home and reconnected 30 amp shore power. The Intellitec display showed that 30 amps were present, BUT the display also showed "GEN SET" (led lit) the window had a new display. It showed "rf". The generator was NOT running! For reasons I can't explain I started the generator, at that point the display went out! Now I do not have
  11. Chris, I can't say anything about the I10 route, but the I20 route from Dallas south west is one I will never take again. Road is ok but don't plan on overnighting anywhere near Abilene to Odessa. The area is very heavy populated with oil field workers. I stayed in Midland and the best rv park there was full of transient workers. Someone stole the license plate off the rear of my Camelot that night. It was a Nevada Armservices plate (Air Force). That makes it a place to avoid for me!
  12. I had the same problem on my 2004 Camelot. Turned out the Engine heater had a GFI reciprocal, and it was also a GFI type. At first I was concerned that my block heater had shorted out. The problem turn out to be the GFI reciprocal as the problem did not clear with the block heater unplugged. Replaced the GFI reciprocal and every thing was good.
  13. I should have posted this here first. I just read a new article on the SpaceX project named Starlink. Attached is the article. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/spacex-starlink-update-second-batch-of-60-satellites-launched-service-coming-in-2020/ Dave Elsner Reno NV 04 Camelot PST 40'
  14. I just read a new article on the SpaceX project named Starlink. Attached is the article. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/spacex-starlink-update-second-batch-of-60-satellites-launched-service-coming-in-2020/ Dave Elsner Reno NV 04 Camelot PST 40'
  15. Well thanks for trying... Scotty, Guess what! I looked back at mail I have saved from Monacoers and I found that I had saved the info i wanted. "The moderator of the Monacoers group has approved your request for membership." it was on 1-8-15. So I have rthe date I was looking for. Thanks David Elsner
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