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NC to Bangor, Maine trip

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I remember in the past, on the old website, some posts about routing to Maine.  We are looking to drive from Pinehurst, NC to Bangor, Maine the end of September.  We are looking for the best route to avoid the heavy traffic and any information around that area.  Time is not a problem and we have no real schedule.  Thanks everyone.

Tom F.

45' HR Navigator

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I owned a trucking company for 40 years and I would route my drivers completely around high traffic areas when possible. Going up 220 to is okay but the Va portion of I 81 is not the best because of congestion. 

Take I 95 to Fredericksburg, Va then 17 north to Winchester. Get on I 81 north to Scranton, Pa take I 84 east to Newburgh, N You. Take the thruway I 87 north to I 90 east towards Boston. Go to I 290  east to I 495 north to I 95 north.

I know there are tolls but it's worth it because the roads are better and the traffic flows easier. 

I took this route going to Cape Brenton Island a few years ago. 

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I live in Minnesota and want to go to Mass and on up to Maine.  I am less concerned about routes than I am travel during the Covid crisis.  I was told many states out east have a 2 week quarantine, so how do things work when going from state to state?  Do RV parks say anything about quarantines?  I feel like one can shelter in place in an RV.  I have to buy groceries wherever I am, so I feel like buying fuel is the biggest additional risk in traveling.

Dave Jones

2005 HR Scepter

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Depending on the state of Maine as to what their Covid-19 recommendations are at the time you arrive will determine what you will have to do once you get to your destination. We traveled from Florida to western NY mid July through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and finally into New York. Once at my brother's farm we self-quarantined for 14 days. We plan to return to Florida mid October and will most likely have to self-quarantine for another 14 days once back at our home.

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