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Shake in steering wheel

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I have a very strange shake in the steering wheel. Been going on for a long time. On a smooth road it will shake for about 10 sec. then be smooth for about 5 sec. then shake for 10 and smooth for 5. The back and forth can change a few sec. but it always seems to be twice as much shake as smooth.

can’t figure to out.


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Don't know where you are located as it doesn't show in your signature or your post.

However if you are in Florida I would HIGHLY recommend taking your coach to Josam's in Orlando to have Barry find your problem. They are one of the best in the country on the east coast. If you are closer to the west coast then there is a shop in Oregon that does a great job too.

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On 9/24/2020 at 5:43 PM, fiat124man said:

What make, model, year coach.  Bushings in front end are worn. 

2004 Monaco windsor. 
would worn bushings be so rhythmical?


8 hours ago, Bob Nodine said:

My money is on a wheel bearing.

Had a blow out on a rear duel. Replaced all 4 rear tires. No more shake in steering wheel??

this makes NO sense.

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