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unable to transfer anti-freeze for winterizing thru system


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I have tried a few times, unsuccessfully, to winterize the coach thru the wet bay as outlined in the owners manual. I have followed the steps up to and including connecting a hose to the winterizing port to allow anti-freeze to flow from jug to the water ststem.  I turn on the pump-it runs but does not draw fluid from the jug.  What im I missing? the pump works fine normally. I checked the filter at the pump and all appears well.


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If getting a prime is the issue, like said before, get the jug higher than the pump.  And, you can take a short length of hose / straw, put it in the jug, put your hand over the top to seal, and blow into the straw to help pressurize the jug, forcing the antifreeze to the pump.  Once the pump gets ahold of the fluid, it will then pump it till system is pressurized with antifreeze.  Then you can open faucets.

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