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door sticking

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I’ve had trouble with my door also this last summer we were locked in the coach ended up opening the window reaching out opening the door. After I took everything apart one of the door rod clips broke I was able to find something that worked at the hardware store but it wasn’t an exact fit. Does anybody know where to get parts for these latches?

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On 11/28/2020 at 10:57 AM, Blacknight said:

I had a sticking entrance door on my coach because the swing arm assembly became too worn to function as designed. The arm has a rivet in the center that becomes loose over time, you can try and peen the rivet tight but it didn't last long for me so i replaced with new. 

Entry Door Hinge Swing Arm Assembly I 08408401.webarchive 7 MB · 27 downloads

How does one open a file with a WEBARCHIVE extension? This looks like a document I could use. 

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I had same problem with door not opening. Btw.. this is separate from screen door swing arm rivet issue.

I left coach to get a few groceries from local market. When I returned I was unable to open the main (only) door.

My dog was laying comfortably inside all nice and cozy while I tried to no avail open the door.

I called AAA and tech showed up, he ruined 4 of the 38 screw heads as removing door seemed last resort.

One last attempt was to toggle door while pushing and it opened.. gave his huge dog 2 hotdogs. Lol

Repair not easy because of all screws involved in process but will find and give link if needed. Basically taking inside door cover off and adjusting a few nuts.

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