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wireless heater controller?

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I'm not quite sure about the correct terminology but I'm attempting to convert my 2 forced air heaters to wireless operation but the on line operational descriptions don't seem to provide a solution. Last summer we replaced both A/H-Heat Pump units with a A/C only units rendering the old dual zone Comfort Control thermostat non-functional. Heater control was lost.

Last winter, a basic Dometic thermostat (2) was hard wired to each furnace.  Due to the limited mounting locations, this isn't very satisfactory for heat balance so I'm looking for a wireless system that will allow me to locate 2 thermostats. fore and aft locations, for better temperature control.  While many "wireless" thermostats are available, the "wireless" part seems to be only between the operator and the thermostat, not between the thermostat and the furnace.  Hardwiring the furnace and thermostat isn't an option. 

Solutions welcomed.


Ken Smedley


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Are you saying you want to control your furnace operation (mode, temp, fan) from a smartphone for remote control operation?

There is a irv2 forum user that has developed just that enable most of this and is / will very soon be offering that to replace the old fashioned thermostat / relay board that is in many vintage RVs.  Waiter21 is his forum name.  That will integrate with our "Whole RV" automation system to be usable via a smartphone / tablet webpage.


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I have been in contact with Micro Air and their Duo Therm replacement thermostat is out now.  
Here is their timeline for the Coleman thermostats.

Coleman 9000 series 1-2 weeks (multi zone)

Coleman 8000 series 1-2 mos. (multi zone).  As soon as this come out I will be replacing my Coleman 8330D3311.

website is www.microair.net

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The company is MicroAir.  I saw them mentioned both here and on IRV2.  My Coleman thermostat is on the blink and I contacted these guys.  They have thermostats for Coleman and Dometic.  Their website is pretty good and has a model selector.  They have a replacement for the Domestic multi zone and the Duotherm 5 button.  Unfortunately they don’t have the replacement for my Coleman 8000 series multi zone yet.  They said it should be out in 1-2 months.  They have a pretty good plan to provide replacements for most of the RV thermostats.  One other thing they said is they are working on Bluetooth room sensors.  I think they will be nice as you will be able to “control you own zones”.  Their website is www.MicroAir.net


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Woo hoo. I didn't even finish reading the post. I hopped on and ordered two of the units from Amazon. MicroAir (their website) has a chart to let you know which model number to order. They have 10 different model numbers. 

This will be so awesome for me because I am a solo rider in the coach. You can probably guess how many times I have frozen or sweated to death while driving. I set the thermostat but sometimes it is a long way before I can pull over to adjust the A/C or the furnace. Now if all is correct I will be able to make small adjustments on my phone. Woo Hoo!!!!

Thanks for reminding us that this product exists. 


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