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Source for front corner running turn signal

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3 hours ago, Ivan K said:

These are from a Volvo semi and you can get them here for instance, not expensive at all for how big they are. I keep a spare set too.


Two ordered


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5 minutes ago, Ivan K said:

Good deal, you may have to shorten the rear lugs on them, that's what the factory did on mine and reuse the old bolts. Not the best access to the top, long arms are a bonus.

My son in law is 6.7 with very long arms 

They will visit for a week in February 🤗😉

This is from the underside.

Not the best pictures 😕 



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Also for what its worth the reason that happen in the first place is part of the plastic weld fails that seals the lens, so when i worked for ford, that when parts were deleated or extended back order i would remove the body of the light put a little Dawn in the opening with water, shake it to get it clean. Then rinse an use a air hose to get as much water as i could out, then use a 1/4 drill bit an drill a hole directly on the lowest part UNDER the body of the lamp. That way any water that came in from rain or ??? Would drain out the bottom, seems kinda like a waste of time, however now looking at the $COST$ of the lamp assemblies on todays cars an trucks it can be a MAJOR savings😎

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