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App for locating camp sites

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47 minutes ago, sheena154 said:

I use AllStays, campgroundreviews.com, RVParky.com, OvernightRVParking.com among others.  If you're an Elk or Moose member RVillage has great databases for these that allow RV parking.

Tricia Neuzil

Thank you

12 minutes ago, Scott 61 said:

Don't forget RV life & Park advisor


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I second RV PARKY,  it easy to use, has great features and it's FREE.

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On 1/18/2021 at 8:23 PM, Bob Priest said:

I was wondering if any one could recommend a app or web site that would help find camp sites along route on a trip


Bob Priest 


I have been using RV Trip Wizard for several years and in my opinion it is the best service available and worth every penny for the annual subscription.  It is now incorporated with RV Life and is continually being improved with new features.  They offer a free trial of it to try.  You can also Google it and find quite a few YouTube Videos about how to use it.  After you establish your route it will identify every campground available, park or whatever, that you set as your desired criteria.  You can then pull up reviews, costs, photos, their website, etc. for which campground you may be interested in.  It will even show elevation changes along your route, which may be handy if you're heading over the Continental Divide with an air mattress 🙂 .   Also, based on your fuel tank size and MPG it will let you know when you'll be needing to stop for fuel so you can be prepared ahead of time.   I honestly don't know how I could plan a trip without it.  With it now being incorporated with the RV Life app you can track yourself on your phone, or tablet, in real time just like with a GPS.  I'm certainly not recommending you not having a good RV GPS though.

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