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Aqua Hot coolant reservoir


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Hi all,

Couple-years ago my coolant reservoir was cracked and I couldn't find a reasonably-priced replacement, so I fixed it with epoxy. While I wasn't super-excited about trying to fix the poly tank with epoxy it has held up so far (not being pressurized...). 

Anyway, in the course of fixing my AH filler neck and searching for a new pressurized coolant tank, I came across this 6-qt reservoir:

6 Quart Natural Multi Purpose Tank with Mounting Tabs - 8.62" L x 4.17" W x 15.29" Hgt. (2.25" Neck) | U.S. Plastic Corp.

That really looks like the original tank to me! Minus the AH logo... Might need to transfer the overflow tube.

Maybe this is one for the parts list???




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