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Magnadyne 5-1/4” Speakers & Covers

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JBL 5-1/4 speakers and a powered subwoofer. I also rewired all of the speakers so the front four speakers are no longer wired in series and I can properly use the fader. 

The bedroom speakers are no longer connected to the dash stereo (we never used them) and are the subject of a future project. 

I already upgraded the dash stereo to a Pioneer double-din unit with Bluetooth, etc. 

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4 hours ago, Barry W said:

What model Pioneer?

The dash radio is an AVH-X4800BS.  (Note: If I were to purchase something today, I would get one with CarPlay, which this one doesn't have.)


The subwoofer is a Pioneer TS-WH500A powered subwoofer and is placed behind the bottom drawer under the dash console.


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Smells like something that involved Paul Whittle, one of our electronics/software/programming/music/electrical wizards...LOL

Paul also helped me (translation--HE DID IT) update my sound system in my old 2000 Dynasty.  Now my multi-amped, powered-subwoofer system with upgraded speakers can pound out Pandora's "Blues Guitar Masters" to satisfy even an audiophile.  Thanks, Paul!

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