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2008 Monaco Diplomat marker/running lights

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I had to replace a few of the front ones with new LED units that I purchased from Amazon back in 2019. I purchased a complete set both amber and red to eventually replace ALL of them.

Looking at the remaining ones on the front I need to finish replacing those before working on the rear ones. The fronts take more abuse than the rear ones do.

Here's the link to the ones that I had purchased but there are many to choose from so shop wisely. One precaution is that I had to modify the back plate of the new ones to allow for routing of the wires correctly while maintaining a good seal onto the face of the coach.


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58 minutes ago, hweyrich@wowway.com said:

Would anyone have information/part numbers/manufacturer on 2008 Monaco Diplomat marker/running lights?

Looking to replace them.

What we have is two-wire.

Thanks all.

Harald G. Weyrich


Trucklite makes several 2 wire amber and red led marker lights. They are bright and easily replaceable when burned out.

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I purchased these for my coach on Amazon; however @Steven P found a source for them that was significantly less expensive. Hopefully he’ll share...

Kaper II L14-0026A Amber LED... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0113XWJYC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Kaper II L14-0026R Red LED... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0113XWAR8?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

1. IF yours are like mine, the screws will be rusted. Lots of liquid wrench (or equivalent) for a day or two before trying to remove them.  If you break a screw, don’t fret...  just grind it down level and drill a new pilot hole just above or below.  You won’t be able to tell the 1/16” difference...  finally, take this opportunity to replace the screws with stainless steel screws... (like Monaco didn’t) I used #8 1-1/4” stainless steel screws. 

2. There are crimp connectors on the wires that will not pull out through the hole on the outside. Don’t try. Please. (voice of experience: if you pull it loose, you have to take apart the cabinets over the front of the coach to get to the loose wire 🤦🏻‍♂️) Another tip from @Steven P; clip the wires right at the light and use those wires to attach the new lights. Shove the connections one at-a-time through the tiny holes Monaco drilled and seal the hole with Proflex. 

3. Mine had liberal amounts of proflex adhereing them to the coach body. A little elbow grease, a sharp knife, and lots of care to remove.  I only broke 2 of 12 (I replaced all the Amber and Red on my coach).   

4. once you’ve crimped (or soldered, etc.) the wires, use liberal amounts of Proflex to seal the hole and adhere the new light to the coach.  Done correctly this will prevent future leaks. Being a little uptight about leaks, I also sealed around the lights after they were installed.  I hope I never have to replace them again...😂






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Here is the link where I ordered mine from.  @Scotty Hutto is right,  clip the old wires close to the lights and attach the new wires to the old which allows slack.  Whatever connectors that they used in the cap (body) are not gonna fit easily thru the hole and you risk losing the wire in the cap.  I also replaced w stainless screws.  My lights basically came apart in pieces and I think I had to scrape some parts off.  I did not have proflex available and I used 3m liquid gasket maker but only in the screw holes and the center hole the wire comes through.  My lights came w a gasket for each that I also used.  



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