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2008 Monaco Signature Buckingham lv

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That's unfortunate.  Many of us have it.  Some more than others.  It's called heat checking.  It's caused by the fiberglass outgassing and forming hairline cracks.  

It's common in 2002 -2007 motorhomes from almost all manufacturers.  It's more prevalent in darker colors.  You must have an early 2008 model that has the earlier fiberglass.  

Some coach manufacturers replaced the sidewall fiberglass for the original owners.  Approximate cost was $40k+.  This is the only sure way of preventing it from returning.  

Mike's Custom Painting has a repaint process that will reduce the chance of it returning, but I don't think anyone will guarantee it.  It helps to use light colors, store it indoors and not to live in the desert southwest.  

You can see the extensive prep work in post # 541 https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/mods-upgrades-to-our-2003-dynasty-237276-39.html

In post # 552 he discusses the method to prevent the checking from reoccurring:


If you continue through the thread you can see the finished results. 


Paint was done by- Mike's Custom Painting in Bremen, IN

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 It's called Thermal Checking. Most of us have lived with it as it can cost upwards of 30K-50K to fix it. Basically they have to remove the fiberglass walls down to the superstructure, then reskin it, paint it and your done except for paying the bill.

My entry door happens to be the worse area of the entire coach so I have to look at it every time I enter the coach.

I have used Black Velvet Car Wax to hide the checking but that is only temporary.

Thermal Checking-01.JPG

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Attach a picture of what "finger nail" cracks are.

If it's Filon lifting, then that's a big problem.  The RV OEMs were replacing complete sidewalls which is probably out of your scope of investment.

Other than that, sanding down to the filon, prime, paint, clear.  Which is a large expensive job.


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