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Expanding network to new Garage

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When we built the house and moved in we cut the cord, no phone or no cable.  We rely on a Mobley for internet access.  I've tethered a ASUS1900 to the Mobley.  We've been using this for ~3 years and it does what we need it to do.  We do have 4 Smart TV's connected wirelessly to the ASUS router along with 2 laptops and printer.  Usually we don't have a problem but occassionaly it looses connection and I sometimes have to reboot to get it to work.

I am nearly done with my new Garage/Workshop.  The garage is about 150' from the house.  I had been looking for a way to extend my wireless network in order to access the internet if I'm working on something and need information.  I had posted on IRV2 about options and someone suggested I look at a powerline type extender and it looked like a viable option.  After watching some Youtube video's and reading several articles/reviews I purchased a Netgear PL1200 system.  We had been using a Netgear extender in the house and was somewhat familiar with how Netgear work.

Now comes the fun part.  I was trying to set it up PL1200 over the weekend and it requires a network cable to be plugged into the base unit in the house.  But as soon as I plug in the cable to the ASUS router the router looses internet connections, the Mobley stays connected.  I can see this happening on my laptop.  A screen will pop up and I can go into the ASUS admin site but can't get it to connect to internet.  I can unplug the ASUS and sometime it will restore internet but most of the time I have to unplug either the ASUS and Mobley to reestablish the connection.  

With this problem I have not been able to set the Netgear PL1200 system up. 

What am I missing???  Any suggestions.

What other options do I have about trying to get wifi/internet connection in my garage? 


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I purchased an Asus Router last summer to hook up the AT&T Mobley to it. After getting the system parameters setup correctly it worked fine EXCEPT for the fact that at least once and sometimes more often each day I would have to turn the router off and back on in order to use it with the Mobley. After a couple of weeks of that hassle I finally removed the Asus Router and went back to my Netgear Router without the Mobley.

Needless to say I am VERY disappointed in the performance of the ASUS Router and will most likely dump it on eBay to get rid of it.

I will be looking into some other device that works reliably with the Mobley.

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My luck with the ASUS has been sporadic.  It can go months without a problem and then for a while a daily PITA.  Not sure it is caused by the Mobley or it is the ASUS.  Most of the time if I drop the internet connection on the ASUS I can check and the Mobley is still accessible.   When this happens I can simply disconnect from the ASUS and then reconnect and it works.  Frustrating but not a deal breaker. 

Not sure why I can't plug into the ASUS without it dropping the internet.  Can't even plug in just a cable with nothing hooked to it. 

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That is my intent but at this point I am just plugging in a cable with nothing attached and at that point the ASUS1900 looses internet connection with the Mobley.  I can still connect to the ASUS but no internet.  I can connect to the Mobley and have internet.  Until I get this solved I'm at a standstill trying to set up the Netgear PL1200 system. 


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I've tried 3 different cables, they were all new. 

I have not resorted to resetting the ASUS yet, that might be my next step. 

I have an older Linksys router that I may try but it does not have a USB to tether to the Mobley, I am looking at buying one. 

Fortunately getting this hooked up is not an emergency but it is definitely frustrating.

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