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Swapping Chassis batteries and inverter compartments


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I believe Van has done this and has my wheels turning.

My inverter is alone in the rear compartment, and all the batteries, coach and chassis are in the next compartment up. 

If I move the chassis batteries to where the inverter is, along with any wiring that is needed, it frees up my inverter to hang on the wall and gives me room to expand my coach/house battery bank.

I plan on upgrading the inverter anyway, as this is modified sine, and I wouldn’t mind having some hybrid inverter that can be programmed to charge lithium as I upgrade.


Any thoughts or suggestions? Or has anybody done a similar move of components? 


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Please consider that lead acid batteries can generate explosive hydrogen gas.  In my coach, the batteries and the inverter are in separate compartments.  The battery compartment is ventilated to outside air.  Probably for this reason.  

Jerry Gilbert

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2 minutes ago, Chargerman said:

Seems like a big job to move them. If you’re just looking for more capacity what about building a shelve/drawer just above the existing batteries 

Definitely an option. The one thing that keeps me Moving that direction is that all three walls in the current battery compartment have items screwed to them. I’d be blocking access to them unless I move them and attach them to the new shelf. It’s an option thanks for input. 

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25 minutes ago, Dennis H said:

My biggest concern would be to ensure enough ventilation for the battery bank. But, if you decide on Lithium, that's a mute point....Dennis

If I stick with AGM, or Gel for starting then there is no off gassing either? 

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If I were installing anything other than Lithium, I'd be concerned with ventilation....but that's just me. My chassis batteries are in the engine compartment with plenty of ventilation. The house batteries are in a separate well ventilated compartment behind the tag axle, away from everything else.....Dennis

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3 hours ago, Gary 05 AMB DST said:

The last compartment just has a plastic floor. The battery compartment is constructed to carry the weight'

Gary 05 AMB DST

Indeed it is made of plastic, but it is supported. I think it will handle a few batteries? 


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