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Domestic Water Pump System Issue/Wiring Schematic


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Would anyone have a detailed wiring schematic for the water pump and switching system for a 2003 Monaco Windsor?  One that includes all fuses.

My water pump failed to come on yesterday. I have power to the hot wire at the latching relay but no power on the hot wire going to the pump.  I bypassed the latching relay by removing the load and ground wires and connecting them with a 10 amp fuse but still no power on the hot wire going into the pump. The four fuses related to the water pump system are good.

Thank you.

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18 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

Don't know if yours is wired like mine but my Water Pump Controller activates another relay that is heavier in gauge and uses larger wire that runs to the pump.


Intellitec 10 Amp Water Pump Controller.pdf 306.29 kB · 2 downloads

Thanks Dr4film,

I have a cube relay that I changed and still nothing.  Thank you for the latching schematic.  It appears the coach's complete water pump schematic is hard to find.

17 minutes ago, DavidL said:

Is the pressure switch closed?

Thanks DavidL,

I installed my backup pump and still nothing.

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