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steps will not go out

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Hi Dennis,


Have you checked the ground wire?  Mine was giving me this kind of problem for over a year until I removed the ground connection, sanded it, and reinstalled with dielectric grease.  Not a problem for 3 years now.




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If motor is getting power (you usually can hear a click), this might work—  in the past I had this happen and paid a tech mobile tech several $$ to get it working. He tapped on the motor with a small hammer.  It started working and did for several years, so you might give several sharp taps on the motor (but keep clear of the step if it activates).  Likely the motor has a dead spot and will eventually need replacing.

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Don't know where you live, but in North Carolina start looking for corrosion at any connections.  We moved from low humidity Colorado to high humidity North Carolina and I remember our last MH, a 1996 Rexhall Rexair steps stopped working and  I found corrosion in most of the connections to the motor for the steps.  Cleaned everything up and that fixed the problem.


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On 4/14/2021 at 10:01 PM, Paul Busch said:

I am not sure what steps you have but I had to replace the motor on my 05 sig steps. Started working slowly the often not closing fully. Motor from NAPA, ford Lincoln, thunderbird and cougar pasanger door window motor. 85.00 from Napa. 
good luck paul

When I replaced mine with the corresponding Doorman power window motor, the first three were made in China and lasted about 8-12 months, but AutoZone's lifetime warranty covered them no questions asked.  The latest AutoZone warranty replacement was made in Korea and looks to have more metal parts vs the all plastic Chinese part.  The internal plastic knobs/gearing would strip as the steps take more retract force than a typical power window.  Replacement motor would spin fine but internal parts strip & chatter and thus slip under step retract mode.  The original factory motor never slipped internally but armature developed a flat spot, and occasionally hitting it with a hammer got a couple of years use before it (or I) gave up.



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