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Satellite Dish Wiring (Routing in roof)

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I'm installing a new Winegard Traveler dish.  I've located the existing wiring on the roof and the audio/video equipment cabinet.

I was hoping to use those wires to pull and run the new wires.  But, the existing wires will not budge. 

It appears the wires either have a knot/struck or routed with 90 degree angles.

I can drill a new hole and path, but my curiosity has the best of me as how the wires were routed at the factory.

Would anyone know the typical wire path in the roof that the factory used between the satellite dish and audio/video cabinet?  (If there was a typical path).

Thx, Bob...

2009 Beaver Marquis

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Yaaaa...  I just went through this man. It's not pretty up there.  I have a 2000 signature That the previous owner installed 2 satellite dishes so I just went through all the coax And audio visual cables, Trying to make sense of it all as to why there was 4 COax cables coming to 1TV.   Above all that foam manufacturers  legit have knots which is not intentionally done but just from all the cables and romex being ran.. 

 My advice is do your best to use some fish tape and possibly be able to run a new line. But do not pull as you may unintentionally pull on some 110volt..

I hope mine was the only 1 like this and others were done real nicey nice. 

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The cables are secured every 18" or so to ensure they don't pull out.  You might be able to remove an A/C vent or a speaker to see between the ceiling and the roof.   Even if I could have pulled the cables, the hole was in the wrong place for my RF Mogul (similar to Traveler) to be useful. 


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Thanks for the input.  I found an air conditioning outlet in the AV cabinet (pic attached) that has a clear shot to the roof (so I won't have to drill blind and possibly hit something).  Of course, this was the last thing I checked after taking apart just about every access panel within 6 feet. 😞

New Question: I'm running this new satellite dish power cord because the old power cord was too light gauge (22 vs 20 AWG).  I can use the existing coax cable.  Do you think I should use the existing coax cable or cut a larger hole and run a new coax while I am at it?  I figured it the existing coax tests good for conductivity, it should be good.

Thanks again for any input, Bob...


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