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Went over the scales, now need help with PSI

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Hit the scales in the way back from DMV.

Front: 8450

Rear: 18450

Was towing a 6/10 trailer and full Diesel, full fresh, and about 1/4 on Grey and Black. 

I was able to drop the fronts down to 95 PSI based on tire chart. 

My question, how “close” the the weight/PSI should I get? A few hundred pounds over, or quite a bit more? 



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For a lot of us the weights vary day to day.  Some gauges are not arcuate and scales will vary.   I add 5psi for a safety factor.  It's better to be over than under.  

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I always do corner weights plus once I determine the correct psi for the heaviest corner of that axle I run with an extra 5 psi in each tire for a safety factor.

Then I set my Low Pressure Alarm on my Tire SafeGuard TPMS at the original lower psi such that I will never let it go lower than the minimum requirement for the weight of the coach

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I round up to the nearest weight and use that inflation pressure; if you're properly filling em cold (in the morning before the sun hits), you're gonna have more air in the tire as you use the coach throughout the day. Our 120PSI steer tires get up to 140+ on a summer drive through foothills.

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