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Front Run Box Power


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Having the Kongsberg chassis multiplex on my 2009 Beaver Marquis, I want to make provisions to wire headlights and wipers.  And, possibly turn signals.

My idea is to make the harnesses, wire into power and install relays and switches in the dash or behind the dash (but leave protected and unconnected until I need them).

Then if or when the Kongsberg chassis multiplex gives me trouble with headlights and/or wipers, I can disconnect the connectors and connect to my provisional wiring and switch.

Can I tap into the power that is going to the front run box and possibly ground (or should I ground to the chassis or other ground block terminal)?  I will use fuses and relays.  These power cables coming in from the left appear to be plenty large enough, like #4 awg.


Thanks for any advice. 

2009 Beaver Marquis

Front Run Box Photo 2009 Monaco Dynasty_2.png

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This will work.  I had to "temp" some stuff until I found a shop, REV in Coburg, to put in new switches and use the CADET software to get my Kongsberg going again.  That is all the easy stuff.  We lost the engine brake at times when our system failed.  That was something you can't work around.  Cummins can redo the engine brake set up but that will run probably close to 10 grand before they are done with it.  Having been there, lights and wipers are the least of your problems if your Kongsberg CCM fails.  I would also suggest the mods to step down all  that current in your front run box.  There is a file on how to do it that Frank posted.  It's a cheap insurance against a fire.  If yours is like ours that front run box is fed from 150 amp breakers in the rear run box on 4/0 cable.  I interrupted that feed and took it down to 50 and 60 amp protection in the front run box.  Also, never take "no" for an answer.  We were told by 95% of shops the Kongsberg could never be fixed, it can, as long as the CCM is good.  Good luck.

Woody Miller

09 Dynasty Regal IV

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Thank you for the info.  I’m in Tennessee, so pretty much on my own.  I never get close to Az and Oregon as I still work full time.  If anyone know of any Kongsberg knowledgeable facilities east of the Rockies please let me know.

 I’ve added the 60 amp and 40 amp breakers to the chassis and house power feeds to the front run box. Everything is working good most of the time.  I have an intermittent left turn signal come on solid and the left daytime running light goes off.  I’m working on that now but I think if I turn on the head lights it resets all to normal.

 I’m going to make aux power/wiring paths using these front run box power tabs for headlights and wipers next.  That will give me a secondary way to power and switch on/off in case the CCM goes bad.

if I lose the engine brake that is a whole different story.

Thanks for all the help and knowledge.


2009 Beaver Marquis, Cat C-15

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