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Windshield needed in Canada

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Hope all is well, I found a place in Alberta that I purchased parts for my Aqua Hot,  ask for Steve, 1 780 998 2736, I am away from my paper work and cannot remember the name of the company. Might be able to long shot but he may have some contacts .


1999 Signature Caesar 

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I just had the windshield replaced in my 2007 Beaver Contessa Pacifica. John Inman at Novus Glass in Charlottetown PEI had to ship it from Michigan. I doubt whether there is a Canadian manufacturer. 

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Two companies that I found by performing a Google search are:

1) Auto Glass Solutions - https://www.autoglassolutions.ca/

Their website states that they work on RV's - https://www.autoglassolutions.ca/vehicles-we-service/

However they only have two locations in Alberta.

2) Speedy Glass - https://www.speedyglass.ca/en/home.html

It appears that they have many service centers across Canada but possibly only some of them work on RV's.


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I had a insurance replacement of a windshield at Speedy Auto Glass. I selected a location near to me that was said to be able to do the work. The windshield (from USA) was shipped here first. Then the location reported they could not so the work and directed me to an alternate location. This location had larger facilities that could accommodate larger vehicles and had experience installing windshields on buses and motorhomes.. The windshield was reshipped to them and subsequently installed. SO...not all Speedy locations can do the work.

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