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Need part numbers for brakes on 2001 Holiday Rambler Ambassador, Roadmaster Chassis, DP

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Just put our 2001 Holiday Rambler Ambassador with a Roadmaster chassis DP, in the shop for brake work. Just found out I need new pads for front and rear. New rotors all around and calipers for the rear axle. The problem is they can cross reference through NAPA but  I don't have parts numbers to cross reference. I'll have to pay the shop to take these items off to get the numbers and then put it back together in order to free up a bay while waiting for the parts to be delivered.  I have checked the downloads on this website and thus far have found nothing.  I am looking for part numbers for brake pads, rotors and brake calipers.

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When I needed part numbers, I took a picture of the axle ID plate at rear passenger half of it, the axle was ID'd as Rockwell along with S/N and Customer Number, called their tech support and they gave me all part numbers right then while on the phone. So easy, they should know it.

Here again is an example of the ID plate. That's all that was needed to get part number of anything used for the axle assembly, including all brake parts.


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Here are the NAPA parts numbers of  brake parts used on my 2001 Holiday rambler ambassador

Rear Rotors  BB0140CR

Front Rotors BB6835CR

F & R Brakes FT7655F

Brake Calibers SE8609

Theses are all NAPA part numbers and this work order is hard to read even with my glasses so please double check them. Hope this helps.   

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