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How to remove & replace Norcold 4 door ice maker

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Ice maker is leaking and creating an icle inside the freezer.  Figure I need to replace the ice maker.  Do I need to pull the Norcold out

to remove the ice maker?  I see two screws at the top and two under the ice maker but I assume there is wiring behind the ice maker.

How can I get the wiring disconnected?


Jack H

2005 Holiday Rambler, Vacationer  37PCT


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I went to Lowes And bought the exact replacement except the wiring harness. 

There are several YouTube videos describing how to wire the new one up.



You don't remove the fridge 


Norcold from the dealer.

$160 or 80.

Lowes $20 or 40. Don't recall. 

That was 4 or 5 years ago.

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