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Dynasty tires 295/80

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I was hoping to get Toyo's back in April, called 3 large tire vendors near me, no luck.  The best I could do was Yokohama's.  All 3 vendors must have been checking the inventory at the regional warehouses because they all came back with about the same options, Yokohama's, Continental, and a brand I never heard of. 

So I ended up getting the Yokohama's, ~$3600 out the door.  BUT when I went to have them installed I found the had 2034 date codes, meaning they were ~10 months old.  Needless to say I was upset but the dealer was indifferent, he said "buy them, don't buy them, I'll sell them anyway".  I ended up going ahead and getting them.  The dealer said he was getting a lot of older tires, got in a batch of smaller ones and some were 4 years old YIKES.  Most people won't even check.

It seems like the tire market is tight. 

I have heard good things about Simple Tire, I was concerned about tire age buying on line and got burned anyway but I've heard that they have a return policy if you are not satisfied.  You could arrange for a local dealer to install, have them shipped to that dealer, it will cost ~$100 per tire.  The dealer I bought the Yoko's from said he had done that quite a bit. 

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I just got 8 295/80r/22.5 from "tires-easy.com" for $4k delivered to my door including all taxes, disposal fees and shipping.  Came by FedEx two or three days delivery.

Vito, I tried SimpleTire but was unable to get the tires from them.  90% of the online sellers list the tires, but when you put them in the cart and go to check out they come back and say "out of stock".  Tires-easy claimed to have "a lot" of the Toyo's in stock, worked for me.  Got an appt. to have them installed Thursday, $30 per tire, here in town.  Toyo's are hard to find in the 80r size.

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Are you staying away from Michelin for a reason?   I have used Michelin for every home, but did have a bad batch back in 98 with three blow outs (two rear and one front) before I got Michelin to agree to replace the last three.  I currently use Michelin.

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