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Rear Floor Latches

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Did you first check the Monacoers Parts List?

it has been created exclusively for its members. I strongly suggest that you download the file to your Laptop or phone to have immediate access to all of the information.

Southco will have what you are searching for.

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Fortunately and Ironically.... I had absolutely no idea what these things were for, nor did i know what they were even used for....  Luckily... I stuffed your Amazon link into my "RV List".  Not knowing what they were for, I'd completely forgotten about having done that and/or even seeing them, until... I found them in my RV and two of the four are stuck and I can't release the "J-part" (I'm assuming that when the time comes, I'll have to break or drill out the two stuck ones, but had no idea how to replace them


Needlesstosay... I just wanted to say thank-you for taking the time to submit the Amazon URL!  🙂

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