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WANTED - Weldex 7" back up TFT LCD monitor

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2004 HR but camera and monitor have been replaced. Camera works. Monitor shows good picture but buttons only work about 10% of the time. Monitor is WDRV-7063M surface mount, 3 camera inputs with the 4 pin screw connectors. System will self select right or left input (no cameras) and it takes multiple pushing of buttons to come up with a combination to get back to the rear camera. My system has an 4 pin adapter to get to the RCA connectors coming from the original cable run to the rear of the bus. Tim at RVCAM has told me this is a early LCD monitor because the wires connected to the monitor have a multi pin plug in connector. Later cameras were hard wired to the monitor. Hoping someone has a take off that worked that I can purchase. Live in Tulsa OK.

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@Steven P - Would your setup address these issues?

Also, as additional info, I replaced my factory cameras last year, and still had problems with my video (right, left, and rear).  I found the culprit to be the Aladdin Jr switching.  I haven’t figured out a solution, but I have figured out the video from the cameras is very clear, and the factory monitor still has a decent picture.

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@Scotty Hutto  @ok-rver, I do not know if my setup would help.  I replaced my Aladdin Jr Weldex monitor w a new Weldex several years ago. It too is surface mounted. I use the Aladdin joystick to cycle through it and I have 2 buttons to pan the rear camera. 


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