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VIP Smart Wheel clock spring replacement, no cruise and no wipers

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Clock Spring replacement on our VIP smart wheel, 2006 Camelot 42DSQ

While it did NOT help the issue we were having (No wipers, no cruise) I did document the entire process, video is just over 19 minutes. While it took longer then 19 minutes to complete the repair, had i been able to find a video for a Class A I think I could have save a lot of time. Spent the first 2 hours trying to figure out how to get the cover off the steering wheel. What do you know it pulls off no 5MM hex like the instructions said.  the Manufacture told us 99% with our symptoms it is the clock spring....lucky us we are the 1%, our control hub has corrosion on it and is bad, sourcing it now....   our the smart hub was well hidden under lots of wire bundles and hoses in our dash behind the radio (never could find it to do the full test so we just went with the repair the manufacturer said is 99% of the time is).

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being professional level I would say this is a 6. (had I been able to find a video like this might have been a 4).

Hope this helps someone, I am not even close to a mechanic but with RV dealers being booked out 4 months and wanting $1000 to do anything I thought I would give it a shot. Turns our our control module is bad, and very hard to source. I will post updates when I get that working.

Feel free to share my video link it is public and meant to help others with a Class A RV and no clue what to do. 



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I have no cruise but everything else works on the VIP Smart Wheel.

I got into mine back in the summer/fall of 2020. I posted about it here.

I was also told that it was most likely the clockspring but I wanted to make sure it was the cockspring first so I took it all apart.

My cover comes off with the 5mm bolt from underneath. I got into the clockspring and checked it by using my DVOM meter in the continuity setting. All four wires checked out OK. So I put it back together.

I now have to locate the VIP Controller which I believe is behind the radio of the center dash panel. Once I find it I will clean up and spray all of the connectors to see if that solves the problem. Otherwise I will also be sourcing a new controller too.

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Not sure I’d give the clock spring 99%. I wonder how much money was saved hiding the SM211 controller in the dash?

Posting the following troubleshooting guide which has pulling the cover off…no 5mm bolts. It also says 9amps max for the headlights.

Found multiple SM211’s for $360 (2 on EBay) and a used one for $160.


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I agree hiding the module was smart on their part, it was the manufacturer that said the 99% likely hood....i agree probably to high of a guestimate. 


Talked with Vision RV yesterday they dont have it and the used on on ebay is sold already, i have called 5 places now that i have found on the internet...everyone is out...i did find one on ebay for $658...its a $211 part from REV, not that desperate....YET.


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