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Panel and Fender 07 Diplomat

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I did the same type of damage a couple of years ago to two cargo bay doors plus the door frame. Replacement doors had to be manufactured at the cost of $1400 each in six weeks to obtain them.

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Were you happy with the product and people and if so wish to share where. Thanks 

I looked at vision rv a few months ago they wanted 1200 each plus shipping. It's that what I'm looking at. It was from a totaled 07 Diplomat.  Are they able to be negotiated of they are sitting long enough. TIA

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A good body shop should be able to make the door, will probably have to make a new frame and then the skin.  Same with the fiberglass panel. 

My wife side swiped a post pulling out a filling station back in 2013, the worst of the damage was at the top of the door where the hinge was.  She pancaked about 4 ft of the hinge.  Two of the doors had some deep scratches and one had a slight bend/dent it it.  I was able to buy the door portion of the hinge from Monaco and the piece that attached to the side of the RV from Visione RV in KY.  Also had to do some straightening of the bottom of the slide.  But I was able to repair myself so cost was minimal  

I did check on a new door from Visione RV https://rvexteriorbodypanels.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/welcome.pl?

They did have them, they quoted ~$500 at the time,  but I decided to repair.  Give them a call, one member on the IRV2 forum bought a whole front cap and they cut it off to his spec's. 

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8 hours ago, Gary 05 AMB DST said:

Tony, I'm a member of Local 33, Cleveland, OH.

Gary05 AMB DST

I am with local 104 in the bay area. I recommended he try a sheetmetal shop because as you know we have some very talented shop workers who do more than just ductwork. I don't know what material his doors are made of. But mine are made from aluminum. Which a shop should be able to copy from his originals.

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