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Floor slide damage!

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I’m looking for advice regarding slide floor repair. Is was tipped off to Talin SS Guardian plates by a Monacoers member. We’re currently in Mesa AZ and it appears to me that my two road side slide floors need repairs asap. The bedroom slide has damage pushing through the exterior surface. Roller or glide may be damaged?? The corner seams are open on both slides. I called Talin to see if they could recommend a shop in the Phoenix area for service. They have no recommendation besides Elkhart ID and FL. 
Our plan is to head west to San Diego area then head north up the entire Pacific coast over the next six months. My desire is to repair or at least patch so that no further damage is done. I’m not sure how much rot and damage already exists. Looking for any advice on permanent and/or temporary solutions. 
Ideally I’d love to have a local shop install the Talin Guardian Plates  

Thanks, Ted C












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This guy (AZ Expert) produces a LOT of videos and seems to be on the right track regarding repairs, and appears to be local for you.  He may be the one to install the Talin plates for you.  Others with personal experience with "AZ Expert" may chime in. 

Here's his channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6gk7fiEapU4bUNbLfTEDA

- bob

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Owner posts on here

And did it myself. Not hard at all

several YouTube videos to help with install.

Drill, cut off saw and they sell the Rivet gun. Everything else comes with the kit. Talin sends out a detailed sheet for measurements as each is a custom type application for your coach. 

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I have this same issue.  The AZ EXPERT said he isn't taking new customers right now.  I bought Lippert slide skis (Amazon) until I can get the part sorted out.  The slide skis are a temporary fix for when you bring in the slide. I also removed any screws that were sticking out to help stop the additional wear and tear. 

2007 Beaver Patriot thunder Winchester 

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M&M coach specialist in Victorville California their address is 12137 Industrial Blvd., Victorville, CA 92395. Phone number 909-627-6000. They just fixed one of my slides for the same problem about three weeks ago.


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I had Elite in Harrisburg, OR install my Talin plates late last year. They are ex Monaco employees, know their stuff and are fast. They can fix your slides - no problem. Many on this site have used them.

Elite Repair and Remodel

642 Hwy. 99W

Harrisburg, OR 97446


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Ted-- I live in Gilbert & work on RV`s here @ my home shop -- About 6 months ago I had plates made local & installed them -- This was on a Monaco coach -- They were made of Mirror Finish Stainless Steel -- If you like, come by for a visit -- I live in the downtown area, two blocks east of Gilbert Rd -- 301 N Palm St --     williampwillard@gmail.com --

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I have flat SS plates installed on the front drop down slide which had a plastic runner on the bottom that broke. The inside end is bent upwards so that it is pulled up a lower plastic edge. ie This is what causes the slide to raise up when retracted. 

For anyone with slide damage on the lower edge (likely due to water) the Talin plate has a 90 degree bend and covers the entire edge. It's sealed and will prevent water damage in addition to added strength. I would not use a flat plate for the above pictures.


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