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Passenger Slide Halfway

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Ron P.  2004 Monaco Executive 

My passenger side slide only goes out halfway and stop.  

I had slide toppers put on and it worked fine.   I bought it home from the shop and it worked fine.  Preparing to get my carpet cleaned tomorrow by opening all slides.   Now slide only opens halfway. 

Full charged batteries and connected to 110-120v power. 

Any ideas/suggestions?

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Sounds like somethings jamming up or binding if that’s the case.  
Do you notice any uneven movement in the slide out when it stops and the pump starts to whine? 
I’d say check your oil level,  but if it sounds like it’s working hard when it stops I doubt that would be the problem.   
Is your slide raised and moves on rollers, or flush style that ramps down?

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Your slide hydraulic reservoir would likely be under the entry steps. Totally separate from the chassis hydraulic system in the engine compartment. This is on ours, somewhat visible from the front passenger wheel opening looking forward. Some apparently have an access through the steps so check if you might be lucky and have an access there too.


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Ron P.  2004 Monaco Executive 

Hey  Guys.

I appreciate your assistance in trying to resolve my slide not fully extending.

I took my motorhome for a drive.  Pull into a Home Depot parking lot  and tried my passenger side slide and it worked fine.   

My motorhome was parked slightly uphill and I didn't notice until this morning when I went to the store.   Coming back and approaching,  I noticed the uphill grade.


Thanks again for the assistance.   I still gotta find that hydraulic reservoir. 

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